The Challenge

The facts

50% of Australians will endure a mental illness at some point in their lives.
The overall cost of mismanaged mental health in the Australian workplace is approximately $11 Billion a year
Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24
One in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any given year
More than 6 million working days are lost per year as a result of mental illness
Mental health is responsible for 45% of health issues for 10-24 year olds
Only around 35% of affected Australians actively access services for mental health problems
For every $1 invested in mental health initiatives, there’s an average return on investment (ROI) of $2.30
More than 75% of all severe mental illnesses occur prior to the age of 25
Stigma is still one of the greatest barriers to people seeking help and recovery and has a devastating impact on the community
Source: PwC (2014). Creating a mentally healthy workplace – Return on investment analysis


Mental illness affects everyone

If 50% of Australians will endure a mental illness during their lifetime, then no-one can avoid its impact.  Whether loved ones, friends, employees or co-workers are suffering, everyone will face the consequences of mental illness at some point, whether financial, social or emotional.

Finding the help needed to deal with this increasing level of mental illness is becoming a major challenge for our society.  Available treatments and interventions may not suit everyone, or be available to everyone for as long as they need it or be affordable for everyone.  Even an inability to “define” or “diagnose” what is wrong can cause further distress and leave people feeling severely isolated, hopeless and abandoned.

From the Grow Blue Book - Friendship
“Among human relationships, friendship is the special key to mental health.  As I am healed and harmonised by responding to the offer of true friendship, so the measure of my maturity is my capacity to be a true friend.”

Grow is truly unique in the mental health landscape.  We offer transformative tools, friendship and support that is consistently effective, affordable and accessible.  Participants:

  • do not need a diagnosis or referral
  • do not need to fill out forms to determine eligibility
  • do not have a limit on how long they attend their Grow group
  • do not have to pay for sessions, making it absolutely affordable
  • do not have to give up any of the other treatments or support they are receiving
  • and can remain in group on a first-name-only basis!

Our current funding has helped us build a truly remarkable community organisation achieving truly remarkable results.  It is fair to say that we have been quiet achievers for six decades. Now, we need to be louder so that we can continue our work to expand our services and our footprint and so that we can help more Australians each year … and there has never been more need than now.

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