What is Grow

What is Grow?

The Grow Mission
To enable people with a mental health condition or illness to take their responsible and caring place in the wider community.

At its heart, Grow gives people with mental illness or who are struggling with life, the tools and support to claim back their lives and fully participate in society.

Anyone can come to Grow – all they need is the desire to live a life full of meaning, hope and optimism and the courage to learn to grow beyond their own thinking and behaviour patterns. There is no need for a diagnosis or referral, no eligibility criteria, no session/time limits and no cost.

A key feature of the Grow Program is that it encourages the development of support and friendship outside of Group meetings so that participants can develop and practice social skills in situations where they are treated as equals. The 12-step Program itself is full of profound wisdom which challenges and supports people to help them overcome their issues.

Grow runs approximately 180 support groups throughout every state of Australia, with some specific-purpose groups including prison groups and carers groups.

We also offer:

  • The ‘Get Growing’ program for young people, established over the past decade.  This program is run in schools with groups of 10 at-risk students over 10 weeks, to help them develop resilience and confidence and to help prevent self-harm.
  • A ‘Residential Care’ program in Sydney, where 17 beds are available for people in need to undergo intensive and long-term recovery work.

For more information

For more information on Grow and its work, please go to www.grow.org.au