Where Will Your Donation Go?

Where will my donation go?

For over 60 years, Grow has helped ten of thousands of Australian’s with mental health support. Grow members support one another in a secure, understanding environment, focused on developing real world skills for growth, whether it be in Sydney, Perth, Bicton or Narrabundah. Our current level of funding has helped us build a truly remarkable mental health organisation but with your assistance we can reach so many more Australians in need.

Group Programs

Your donation can help us to:

  • Increase the number of (face-to-face) Grow groups.
  • Further engage GPs and mental health professionals to ensure patients know about Grow.
  • Establish  and develop specific-need groups such as post-traumatic stress, carers and post-natal depression and others.

Youth Programs (Get Growing)

Our youth program has always been implemented in schools across the country and is targeted to those who are struggling with their mental health and are at risk of, or are currently engaging in self harm and other negative behaviours:

  • Introduce our school program to more youth in need as 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 24.
  • Employ more youth workers to run the school-based workshops focusing on education and stigma reduction

Residential Programs

Our residential programs help people who require intensive, long-term support for dual diagnosis to return to full participation in the community.
Your donation will help us to:

  • Expand the current facilities to shorten the list of people waiting for our services
  • Build and develop new facilities in other States to provide residential care to those in need who live outside of New South Wales and the ACT.